Scholarship App. 2017

You do not need to download this form.  Please complete it on your computer or smart phone.  You will be able to complete, upload required documents, print and submit with this online application. For more information, you may review and download the Frequently Asked Questions,  Media Release, Requirements for Graduating High School Seniors and Post Graduate Applicants & the  Submission Criteria.


Before you begin the application, assemble the following documents on your computer: 1). your photo (head shot); 2). your transcript; 3). a letter of recommendation; 4). *a signed Media Release Form, and 5). an essay.  You will be evaluated on your:

  1. Ability to Follow Directions
  2. Class Rank
  3. Grade Point Average (GPA)
  4. Honors & Awards
  5. Essay (Completed According to Directions)
  6. Community Service
  7. Photograph Submission
  8. Letter of Recommendation
  9. Transcript
  10. Signed Media Release & Application (Download, complete and attach to application submission).